2020 Melges 32 Winter Series
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TJ O'Brien - tjobrien@knights.ucf.edu
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Jib Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: I am a college sailor and would like to get involved in one-design keelboat racing. Most of my sailing experience is in dinghies (Laser, Lightning, 5o5), but I have sailed a few club races on an Ultimate 20 and J88. I was usually bow or mast on the J88, but I'd be comfortable with just about anything on the forward half of the boat. I am 6'2" and ~155#. If anyone is looking for crew in other races or to practice for the series I'm currently living in Orlando, and I'll be in the Tampa Bay area during the week of Thanksgiving, likely a couple weeks around Christmas, and possibly a few other times. I can also sometimes come down on weekends as long as I haven't already committed to a regatta somewhere else. Resume: President, Sailing Club at UCF Lake Norman Yacht Club Laser Fleet Captain Lake Eustis Youth Sailing Foundation Laser Coach 2019 Laser D12 Series U21 Full Rig Champion

Phil Davis - 8327796372 - goliadranger@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Deeply experienced racer seeks crew position. I've owned/raced everything from Viper, Melges, J22, B25, Santana 30/30, Hobies, etc. Fully self-supporting and team player. Happy to share expenses.

Dan - 9174787434 - Doteq@yahoo.com
Position: Foredeck,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Advanced
Comments: 195lb raille meat

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