166th NYYC Annual Regatta
Protest Filing Report

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Protest Filing Report as of 30/Jun/2022 @ 10:29 AM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
1. 4 Rattlesnake (USA 017) vs Gamecock (USA 031) Rule 11 and 15 07:30PM Closed Protest dismissed.
2. Land Sonar (USA 5) vs Redress - Organizing Authority Crew realized prior to Race #3 that there were no bolts under the traveler at the midpoint stump. He was told by the bo'sun that the boat could not be sailed any longer and to return to the dock. 07:00PM Closed Redress granted. Average points for the day.
3. 3 Katahdin (USA 40036) vs Irie 2 (GRE 55) Rule 11 at the start. 05:00PM Open

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