2020 Great Lakes 52 (GL52) Season Series
Preliminary Results Race 19

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Racing Circle Division Class Starting Date Starting Time ORC/ORR Distance Wind

GL52 Season Series One Design Great Lakes 52 Season 11/Sep/2020 02:40 PM 5.1 NM 10 Kts

Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Status Rating Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Class Fleet
GL52 Season Series Racing
One Design Division
Great Lakes 52 Season
1 North Sails  USA 5252 Natalie J TP52 Philip and Sharon O'Niel III         1
2   USA 52015 Windquest TP52 Doug DeVos         2
3   USA 52329 Mockingbird TP52 Chris Duhon         3
4 19   USA 88528 Heartbreaker TP52 Robert and Laura Hughes         4
5   USA 55052 FOX Botin 52 Victor Wild DNC         7  
6   USA 5202 Callisto PAC52 James Murray DNC         7  
  Race Notes & Remarks: Macatawa Championship

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