2021 A Scow National Championship Regatta (NCASA)
Preliminary Results Race 2

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Racing Circle Division Class Starting Date Starting Time Distance Wind

National Championship One Design A Scow 26/Jun/2021 12:30 PM    

Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Status Rating Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Class Fleet
National Championship Racing
One Design Division
A Scow
1   M 21 Melvin A scow Patrick Hughes       1
2   USA I-1 White Heat Hans Melges         2
3   I-49 Full Throttle A Scow Vincent Porter       3
4   I-7 MadCap A Scow Tom Freytag       4
5   I -12 G Force A scow R.J. Porter       5
6   V-999 Valkyrie Melges Todd Haines Jim Klauser         6
7 14   I-414 Red Sky Sailing Team Melges A Scow Paul Reilly       7
8   I-18 Smiles A Scow Bo Freytag       8
9   V-6 Pewaukee’s Blue Ribbon A Scow Jack Schweda       9
10   M-64 Encounter A-Scow Jonathan McDonagh       10
11   V-57 Fast Forward A Scow Brian Henke       11
12   M8 Instigator Melges A Scow Judson Dayton       12
13   W-25 Euphoria A Scow Lee Alnes         13
14   V-15 Damaged Goods A Scow Eric Good       14
15   I 96 White Magic A Scow Chuck Lamphere       15
16   V-44 Rogue A Matt Weber       16
17   V-505 Haulin' A A Scow David Byczek       17
18 03   SUI V3 Jamo A scow Dave Decker       18
19   W-28 Snitch A Scow Carl Eaton       19

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