2018 Eastern Class E Scow Championship Regatta
Preliminary Results Race 7

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Racing Circle Division Class Starting Date Starting Time Distance Wind

Championship Regatta One Design E Scow 05/Aug/2018 12:43 PM    

Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Status Rating Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Class Fleet
Championship Regatta Racing
One Design Division
E Scow
1   T -18 Showtime E Scow Clay Johnson       1
2   T -73 Limelight E Scow Jeff Bonanni       2
3   LE-13 BloodE E Scow Kelly McGlynn       3
4   KU-14 Powerbottom E-Scow Anders Hudson       4
5   T -76 HONK E Scow Kyle Rogachenko       5
6   LA-88 Fast Break E-scow Paul Magno       6
7   LE-66 Checkmate E-Scow Mark Schneider       7
8 North Sails  KU- 1 MOJO E-Scow George Welch, Jr.       8
9   CH- 6 CH-6 E-scow Rick Turner       9.5
10 North Sails  KU- 2 none E-Scow Brent Penwarden       9.5
11   HO-45 Dun Da Chlab E Scow James Flinn       11
12   HO-59 Banter E Scow James Byrne       12
13   T -17 Hunter E-scow Chad Hillyer       13
14   MA-10 Rocinante E Scow Richard Wight       14
15   HO-32 TTTS E SCOW Tom Wiss       15
16   KU-15 New Bubba E Scow Chad Atkins       16
17   KU121 Ogoyagao Curt Wright         17
18   KU-10 Die Walkure E Scow Steven Bender       18
19   MA-11 Loco Mocoso E Scow Peter Hurley       19
20   KU- 9 Finale E scow Robert Cole       20
21   CH- 7 Tigre E-scow Bradley Turner       21
22   HO-56 ingE E Scow Robert Restrick       22
23   KU-12 Sugaree E Scow William Hudson       23
24   KU-25 QuickSilver E Scow Joseph Meade       24
25   KU- 7 Second Wind E scow Robert Meyer DNF       30  
26   BH-22 Faster Horses E Sloop Bobby Koar DNF       30  
27   I -49 Full Throttle E scow R.J. Porter DNF       30  
28   I -47 Slingshot E scow Wes Whitmyer Jr DNF         30  
29   HO-53 Wildest Dreams Johnson Chris Norman DNS       30  

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