The Last Waltz Invitational
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: Race Area A
1 Sunfish One Design
2 Laser One Design
3 420/FJ One Design
Racing Area: Race Area B
4 Mixed Main & Jib Boats ToT

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Race Area A
   1.   wht/trq/ind Paul Kate Carter Sail Buffalo Orchard Park, NY, USA Sunfish 13’9
   2.   USA Joe Sally Joseph Egloff Youngstown Yacht Club Grand Island, NY, USA Sunfish 12
   3.   USA Morgan Sunfish Morgan Tanski USA Sunfish
   4.   USA Rian Sunfish Rian Matzel USA Sunfish  
   5.   USA Kira Sunfish Kira Munger SSA Fair Haven, NY, USA Sunfish 13'9
   6.   USA Dennis Sunfish Dennis Whetlauffer USA  
   1.   USA 8888 8888 Brenden Conway Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club Orchard Park, NY, USA Laser 14
   2.   172959 Connor Connor Godfrey Buffalo Canoe Club Grand Island, NY, USA Laser 14
   3. 1   USA 000000 En Fuego PJ Redding Buffalo Canoe Club Amherst, NY, USA Laser 14
   4.   USA 1 Laser Eric Tanski USA Laser  
   5.   USA 88 Laser88 Zach Harris Buffalo Yacht Club Buffalo, NY, USA Laser 13'9
   6.   174019 Only Slightly Bent Andrew Green Youngstown Yacht Club Cheektowaga, NY, USA Laser 14
   1.   USA FJ1 FJ1 Braden / Colin USA  
   2.   USA FJ10 FJ10 Evie / Bella USA  
   3.   USA FJ11 FJ11 Joshua / Alan USA  
   4.   USA FJ12 FJ12 Jack / Carter USA  
   5.   USA FJ13 FJ13 Emma / Gabriella USA  
   6.   USA FJ14 FJ14 Nick / Sydney USA  
   7.   USA FJ17 FJ17 Ava / Natalie USA  
   8.   USA FJ2 FJ2 Ben / Alec USA  
   9.   USA FJ3 FJ3 Josh / Teddy USA  
   10.   USA FJ4 FJ4 Nate / Max USA  
   11.   USA FJ7 FJ7 Matt / Emmett USA  
   12.   USA FJ9 FJ9 Delia / Kennedy USA  

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