2007 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta
Final Scratch Sheet

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Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: Carib Bean Coffee Cup Single Handed
1 Carib Bean Big Boats CSA
2 Carib Bean Small Boats CSA
Racing Area: Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge
1 Traditional Class CSA
1 Classic Class A CSA
2 Classic Class B CSA
2 Classic Class GRP CSA
2 Spirit of Tradition Class A CSA
3 Vintage Class A CSA
3 Vintage Class C CSA
3 Classic Class C CSA
4 Vintage Class B CSA
4 Classic Class D CSA
5 Spirit of Tradition Class B CSA

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Carib Bean Coffee Cup Single Handed
   Carib Bean Big Boats 
   1.   Cuilan-SH  
   2.   Galatea-SH  
   3.   Latifa-sh  
   4.   Lone Fox-sh  
   5.   Long White Cloud-sh  
   6.   Ski 4 -sh  
   7.   Tranquilo-sh  
   8.   Winsome-sh  
   Carib Bean Small Boats 
   1.   Amber-SH  
   2.   Apsara-sh  
   3.   Cerinthe-sh  
   4.   Charm of Rhu-sh  
   5.   Diva-sh  
   6.   Genesis-sh  
   7.   Jadie-sh  
   8.   Kobbe-sh  
   9.   Lazy Leg-sh  
   10.   Mi Querida-sh  
   11.   See Falke-sh  
   12.   Summer Cloud-sh  
   13.   Summer Wind-sh  
   14.   Sunshine-sh  
   15.   Sweetheart-sh  
   16.   Tiger Maru-sh  
   17.   Wandering Albatross-sh  
Racing Area: Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge
   Traditional Class 
   1.   Genesis Alexis Andrews (Captain/Owner) Isaac Hill, Antigua Cariacou gaff sloop 12.192m 0.815
   2.   Pipedream Cuyler Morris Chris Gartner (Co-Captains) Bass Harbor, ME, USA Sloop 11.88m 0.799
   3.   Summer Cloud Charles Hambleton (Captain/Owner) Isaac Hill, Antigua Carriacou Sloop 11m 0.799
   4.   Summer Wind Brian McNally (Captain/Owner) Mill Reef Club, Antigua Carriacou Sloop 11.43m 0.784
   5.   Sweetheart C Wong (Captain) Red Hill, Antigua Carriacou Sloop 10.84m 0.769
   Classic Class A 
   1.   Apsara Kaj Huld (Captain/Co-Owner) Pittsburg, PA, USA Marconi ketch 9.55m 0.738
   2.   Blackthorn Robin Hartley (Captain) Honiton, England cutter 9.75m 0.757
   3.   N-9980 Caliope V Per Gjerdrum Broveien (Captain) Oslo, Norway Colin Archer 16.7m 0.899
   4.   Carina Jim Donovan (Captain/Owner) Harwich, MA, USA Marconi Pilot Cutter 9.5m 0.816
   5.   Nam 4 Jadie Martin Klein (Captain/Co-owner) Swakopmund, Namibia, Africa Gaff Cutter 10.5m 0.740
   6.   Kobbe Thomas Pawley (Captain/Owner) Fowey, Cornwall, England Cutter 11.88m 0.760
   7.   Moya Doug Smith (Captain/Owner) Wirral, Merseyside, England Ketch 14.02m 0.799
   8.   Rainbow Peter Hutchinson (Captain/Owner) Kent, England Gaff Ketch Cornish Trader 9.14m 0.702
   9.   638 Wandering Albatross Christopher Lamond (Captain) Green Cove Springs, FL, USA Bermudan Cutter 9.8m 0.773
   Classic Class B 
   1.   272 Cerinthe David Offord (Captain/Owner) Truro, Cornwall, England Bermudan sloop 12.768m 0.824
   2.   28302 Diva Robin Tattersall (Captain/Owner) Tortola, B.V.I. 30' meter Sloop 11.872m 0.878
   3.   122 Tiger Maru Julien Davies (Captain/Owner) Marconi Sloop 11.28m 0.797
   Classic Class GRP 
   1.   H Lazy Leg Juerg Zimmermann (Captain/Owner) Jolly Harbour, Antigua Yawl 12.40m 0.783
   2.   BI 40 01 Memory Richard Navarro (Captain) Key Largo, FL, USA Yawl 12.4m 0.798
   3.   Moonshadow Edward Barreto (Captain/Owner) Hodges Bay, Antigua Yawl 12.421m 0.779
   4.   43920 Munequita Mike Lawrence (Captain) St. Petersburg, FL, USA Staysail Schooner 14.6m 0.898
   5.   Petrana Paul Deeth (Captain/Owner) English Harbour, Antigua Ketch 15.0m 0.822
   6.   9 Ruffian Martin Halpern (Captain/Owner) Jupiter, FL, USA Sloop 11.125m 0.785
   7.   8095 Sunshine Hans Lammers (Captain) St. Johns, Antigua Sloop 12.53m 0.785
   8.   Winsome Don Ward (Captain/Owner) Antigua Ketch 13.41m 0.841
   Spirit of Tradition Class A 
   1.   N 26 Annagine Ian Savage (Captain) Amsterdam, Holland Sloop 23m 1.046
   2.   W46/US-2 Equus Donald Tofias (Captain) Newport, RI, USA Sloop 10.363m 0.903
   3.   Ski 4 Richard Coulson (Captain/Owner) Everdon, Daventry, England Bermudan Sloop 14.15m 0.906
   4.   Tranquilo Bart Veldink (Captain) Oanjestaat, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles Sloop 17.45m 0.970
   Vintage Class A 
   1.   Buxom II Colin Hanson (Captain/Owner) St. John, U.S.V.I., Gaff ketch 9.97m 0.711
   2.   M3 Galatea Judd Tinius (Captain/Owner) Falmouth Harbour, Antigua Yawl 20.42m 0.890
   3.   Peter von Seestermuehe Christopher von Reibnitz (Captain/Owner) Seestermuehe, Denmark Yawl 17.98m 0.871
   4.   See Falke Dave Buller (Captain) English Harbour, Antigua Sloop 12.49m 0.764
   Vintage Class C 
   1.   Charm III Richard West (Captain/Owner) Anguilla, B.V.I Staysail schooner 15.28m 0.821
   2.   Mariette Charlie Wroe (Captain) Antibbes, France Schooner 32.9m 1.086
   3.   When and If Casey Fasciano (Captain) Midland Park, NJ, USA Schooner 19.35m 0.884
   Classic Class C 
   1.   5 Aiglon Marco Mendoza (Captain) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Schooner 40m 1.043
   2.   Grote Meid Paul van Koelen (Captain/Owner) Jolly Harbour, Antigua Gaff Schooner 23.5m 0.994
   3.   Heron Nigel Bower (Captain/Co-Owner) Camden, ME, Schooner 15.85m 0.877
   4.   Juno Scott Dibiaso (Captain) New York, NY, USA Schooner 19.71m 0.931
   5.   Kate Philip Walwyn (Captain/Owner) St. Kitts Cutter 18.59m 0.958
   6.   Lions Whelp Phineas Sprague Jr. (Captain) Portland, ME, USA Staysail Schooner 19.736m 0.945
   7.   Metani David Ramage (Captain/Owner) Melbourne, Australia Staysail Schooner 16m 0.848
   8.   Perception James Weisman (Captain/Owner) Vineyard Haven, MA, USA Gaff Schooner 15.22m 0.836
   9.   Raindancer John Whitsett (Captain) Orinda, CA, USA Staysail Schooner 20.3m 0.887
   Vintage Class B 
   1.   Belle Aventure Mark J. Holt (Captain) St. Helier, Jersey, UK Bermudan Ketch 25.5m 0.951
   2.   464 Mariella Carlo Falcone (Captain/Owner) Falmouth Harbour, Antigua Bermudian Yawl 24.232m 0.958
   3.   Nordwind Hans/Michael Albrecht/Virenque (Captain) Munich, Germany Marconi Yawl 26.08m 0.996
   4.   14 Sumurun Armin Fischer (Captain) New York, NY, USA Ketch 28.6m 0.963
   5.   100 Ticonderoga L. Scott Frantz (Captain) Riverside, CT, USA Bermudan Ketch 21.94m 0.968
   6.   A26 Tomahawk Richard Bond (Captain/Owner) Nr. Bridgwater, Somerset, England Yawl 14.707m 0.895
   Classic Class D 
   1.   K12 Charm of Rhu Martin Thomas (Captain/Owner) Epsom, Surrey, England Sloop 12.74m 0.810
   2.   GBR 1988 T Cuilaun Peter Underdown (Captain) Owls Head, ME, USA Ketch 16.76m 0.817
   3.   56006 Lone Fox Ira Epstein (Captain/Owner) Bolinas, CA, USA Ketch 18.898m 0.909
   4.   8472 Long White Cloud Stephen & Paula Pepperell (Captain/Owner) Tauranga, New Zealand Ketch 13.7m 0.837
   5.   Lucy Mark Johnson (Captain/Owner) Warren, RI, USA Yawl 14.021m 0.804
   6.   Mi Querida Leigh Von Bertouch (Captain/Owner) Kingston S.E., S.E. Australia Ketch 13.50m 0.818
   7.   GBR 1 Radha Couvrat Desvergnes (Captain) Gibraltar Marconi Yawl 19.64m 0.932
   8.   Tiziana Conrado Dornier (Captain/Owner) Ta'Xbiex, Malta Ketch 35.68m 1.117
   Spirit of Tradition Class B 
   1.   Skylge Robert Koper (Captain) Roadtown, Tortola, B.V.I. Schooner 38.1m 1.264

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