2021 Windward 500
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Barbados
 Division: CSA 
   Windward - 500
   1.   BAR 121 Whistler Peter Lewis Barbados Yacht Club Lodge Hill, St. James, BAR J 121 40  
Racing Area: Grenada
 Division: CSA 
   Windward - 500
   1.   M3 Galatea Yacht Restoration Grenada, WI, GND Classic sloop 67 67’  
   2.   GRN 4167 Spirit of Everest Robbie Yearwood GYC St George's, St George, GRN Leopard 47 47  
Racing Area: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
 Division: CSA 
   Windward - 500
   1. Other  SVG 0 Sweet Janina Kelly Glass St Vincent YC Villa, St George, SVG Catana 58 62'4  

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