2022 Shark Gold Cup Regatta
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: Gold Cup Regatta
1 Shark One Design Class

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Gold Cup Regatta
   1.   CAN 838 838 Kristine Davis BQYC Belleville, ON, CAN Shark 24
   2.   Can 307 Blue Moon Jin Frati Spsc Windsor, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   3.   CAN 361 Bruce George Poulias Whitby Yacht Club Whitby, ON, CAN Shark 24
   4.   CAN 366 Celeste Martin Shaw Royal Canadian Yacht Club North York, Ont, CAN Shaw 24'
   5.   CAN 176 Devil with a Blue Dress John Brunt National Yacht Club Toronto, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   6.   1481 Eager for More Greg Cockburn Royal Canadain Yacht Club Toronto, ON, CAN Shark 24
   7.   1497 Invicta Graham Barwick rcyc Toronto, Ont, CAN shark 24
   8.   CAN 276 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Peter Van Rossem Kingston Yacht Club Inverary, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   9.   CAN 270 Later Man Heather Crompton RHYC Stoney Creek, ON, CAN Shark 24
   10.   CAN 234 Malarkey Graeme Young RCYC Toronto, Ont, Can Shark 24
   11.   CAN 1820 Maniac Tac Boston SYC/PHYC Point Edward, ON, CAN Shark 24
   12.   CAN 1134 Mickey Andrew Brewer The Whitby Yacht Club Whitby, Ont, CAN Shark 24 24
   13. Other  CAN 388 Not 2 Bad Murray McCullough Whitby Yacht Club Port Perry, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   14.   1485 Paradox Dan Munroe BQYC Belleville, Ont, CAN Shark 24 24
   15.   CAN 1012 Rampant Jacob Harper NOLSC NOTL, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   16.   1132 Red Dwarf Jinnie Gordon Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, CAN Shark24 24
   17.   CAN 165 Rocket Appliance Dave Castle RHYC Hamilton, On, CAN Shark 24
   18.   CAN 1073 SELGA Will Franklin-Thorpe Beaconsfield Yacht Club Lachine, QC, USA Shark 24 24
   19.   1464 Short Circuit Geoff Reher Whitby yacht club Oshawa, Ont, CAN Shark 24 24
   20.   CAN 815 TeQuiila Michele Toohey RHYC Grimsby, ON, Can Shark24 24
   21.   CAN 1489 Tiger Niles Peter Aker Bay of Quinte Yacht Club Belleville, ON, CAN Shark 24’
   22.   Ca 1823 Tiger shark Tony Burghardt Whitby yacht club Whitby, Ont, Can Shark 24 24
   23.   CAN 718 Toga Party! Cameron Smith Whitby Ajax, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   24.   444 We Don't Need Roads Marisa Shea WYC Whitby, On, CAN Shark 24
   25.   CAN 615 Wild Card Paul Baehr Beaconsfield YC Pointe Claire, QC, CAN Shark24 24

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