SORC Port Canaveral Race
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
Initial Starting Sequence
Racing Area: Port Canaveral Race
2 MORC Multihull ToT  

NOTE: Starting sequence above applies to the first race of the day. Subsequent races may be started in different order. Please check the NOR, SI and follow your RC on the water instructions.

    Bow Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Port Canaveral Race
   1. 00   USA 61241 Bear Forbes/ Chris Durdin/ Lewis LYC Houston, TX, USA J 121 40 556.8(GPH)
   2.   USA 52901 Blitzkrieg Matthew Schaedler NCYC/TIYC Toledo, OH, USA J 122 40.00 575.3(GPH)
   3.   USA 12204 Dire Wolf Constantine Baris STC, Sagamore YC, NYYC Locust Valley, NY, USA J/122 40 575.4(GPH)
   4.   USA 61333 En Garde Pat Harr Avanti Yacht Club Annapolis, MD, USA Cookson 50 457.9(GPH)
   5. 54   USA 54 First Light Cole Brauer Storm Trysail Club Trevett, ME, USA Class40 40 486.4(GPH)
   6.   USA 74 Leading Edge Tom Sutton LYC/HYC/GBCA/BYC Houston, TX, USA J 122 40 580.3(GPH)
   7. 143   USA 143 Longbow FK Day Columbia Y.C. St. Joseph, MI, USA Class 40 40 512.3(GPH)
   8. 102   USA 102 Privateer Carl L.C. Kah III Sailfish Club of Florida North Palm Beach, FL, USA Class 40 40 502.4(GPH)
   9.   USA 39509 Senara Eamonn deLisser / James Bill / CRYC and STC Coral Gables, FL, USA Farr 395 39.4 567.5(GPH)
   10. North Sails  USA 52744 Slide Rule Scott Bearse Hyannis Yacht Club West Barnstable, MA, USA First 44.7 44 566.8(GPH)
   11.   USA 32245 STYLO Cliff Stagg DISC Edgewater, MD, USA Express 37 594.1(GPH)
   12.   USA 12912 ZIG ZAG Andrew Clark NYYC St. Petersburg, FL, USA J/122 40 574.0(GPH)

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