2019 RS:X North American Championship
Preliminary Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: North American Championship
 Division: One Design 
   1.   USA 8 Manu's Flying Machine Manuel Nores Miami Yacht Club Miami, FL, USA RS:X 300 cm
   2.   CAN 24 Nirvana Olivia Mew TWC Toronto, ON, CAN RS:X 2.90m
   3.   USA 157 NOS Maverick Putnam Clearwater Community Sailing Center Palm Harbor, FL, USA RS:X 2.90m
   4.   USA 96 Piece of land Alexander Temko Clearwater Community Sailing Center Palm Harbor, FL, United States RS:X 2.90m
   5.   US519 Potato bot Michael Cramer Miami Yacht Club Miami Beach, FL, USA RSX 3 meters
   6.   MEX 11 RS:X Ignacio BERENGUER Cancun Sailing club Cancun, MEX RS:X 2.90m
   7.   USA-220 RS:X Dominique Stater Miami Yacht Club DPO, AA, USA RS:X 112.6 inches
   8.   MEX 28 RS:X Mariana Aguilar San Gaspar del Lago Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico, MEX RS:X 2.9
   9.   GRE 3 RSX Gelly Skarlatou NOKV Athens, Greece RSX 290
   10.   USA 1 Your Mom Farrah HALL Aloha Attitude Annapolis, MD, USA RS:X 2.90m

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