2019 Shark Gold Cup Regatta
Final Scratch Sheet

Class Specific Report:   
    Sail Number Yacht Name Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length Rating

Racing Area: Gold Cup Regatta
 Division: One Design 
   1.   CAN 909 Afternoon Delight Rob Vanderperk Niagara on the lake Sailing club Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, CAN Shark 24
   2.   Can 842 Blue Bayou Tony Cahill Whitby YC Whitby, Ont, Can Shark 24
   3. UK Sailmakers  CAN 187 Bruce George Poulias Whitby YC Whitby, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   4.   CAN 564 CAN 564 Richard Robarts Royal Canadian Yacht Club Toronto, ON, CAN Shark 24
   5.   CAN 937 Cheeky Monkey Cameron Berry Whitby Courtice, ON, CAN Shark 24
   6.   CAN 1767 Crunch Josh Wiwcharyk NOLSC Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   7.   CAN 444 Crüxshadow Sean McKee National Yacht Club Burlington, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   8.   CAN 176 Devil with a Blue Dress John Brunt National Yacht Club Toronto, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   9.   CAN 1481 Eager for More Greg Cockburn Royal Canadian Yacht Club Toronto, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   10.   CAN 185 Freak On A Leash Jeremy Crowder Royal Hamilton Hamilton, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   11.   CAN 290 Frost Bite James Gardner NOLSC NOTL, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   12.   CAN 384 Grey Hound Aaron Gray BQYC Belleville, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   13.   CAN 443 HammerHeads Kevin O'Leary Whitby Yacht Club Whitby, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   14.   CAN 1478 HydraMatic Mike Kern Whitby Yacht Club Toronto, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   15.   CAN 1492 Jumping the Gun Paul Laderoute National YC Toronto, ON, Canada Shark 24  
   16. North Sails  CAN 198 KRASH Robert Burns National Yacht Club Toronto, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   17.   CAN 1056 LoveBites David Bowen Beaconsfield Yacht Club Baie D' Urfé, QC, CAN Shark 24
   18.   CAN 331 Nimbus Ian Cameron WYC Oshawa, ON, CAN Shark 24
   19. Other  CAN 1901 Not Bad Murray McCullough Whitby Yacht Club Uxbridge, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   20.   CAN 101 psych 101 Terry Hofkirchner Whitby Yacht Club Oshawa, On, CAN Shark 24
   21.   CAN 1012 Rampant Levi Harper NOLSC Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont, CAN Shark 24
   22.   CAN 1132 Red Dwarf Jinnie Gordon NOLSC NOTL, ON, CAN Shark 24
   23.   CAN 165 Rocket Appliance Dave Castle Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Hamilton, On, CAN Shark 24
   24.   CAN 119 Skidaddle Robert Prentice Whitby Yacht Club Newcastle, Ont, Can Shark 24
   25.   CAN 1040 Slingshot Stephane Locas Beaconsfield Yacht Club St-Lambert, QC, CAN Shark 24
   26.   CAN 1092 Sudden Impulse Paul Baehr Beaconsfield Montreal, QUE, CAN Shark 24
   27.   CAN 815 TeQuila Michele Toohey Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Grimsby, ON, CAN Shark 24
   28.   CAN 1489 Tiger Niles Peter Aker Bay of Quinte Yacht Club Belleville, ON, CAN Shark 24
   29.   CAN 718 Toga Party! Cameron Smith Whitby Yacht Club Ajax, ON, CAN Shark 24
   30.   CAN 615 Wild Card John Latour Whitby Yacht Club Gravenhurst, ON, CAN Shark 24
   31.   CAN 1138 With Envy Richard Clark Whitby Yacht Club Whitby, Ont, CAN Shark 24

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