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Yacht Scoring

Yacht Scoring is a feature packed 100% web based yacht racing event management and scoring system that allows you to easily manage your event from anywhere in the world since your data is in one central location. With your event data already on the internet, results are posted immediately upon entering each yacht's finish time. Should you have internet access from the Race Committee boat, your results can be generated in near-real time and all information immediately available to your competitors, yacht club, the media and the internet world.

Once your event has been registered and setup, all it takes is a single link from your yacht club or event web site directly to your event's main menu at Yacht Scoring. From that point, all event management will take place at Yacht Scoring's web site and automatically displayed on your event main menu.

Yacht Scoring's event administration is laid out in a very streamlined and organized fashion making it simple for anyone to manage your event. The menu follows the logical order of each necessary step you will need to take to manage your regatta:

Event Information
Event Documents
Register and enter yachts
Document Reporting
Create courses/division/classes
Create class splits
Setup scoring parameters
Generate scratch sheets
Enter race start times
Enter finish times
Detailed results
Cumulative Results
Protests/redress management

With Yacht Scoring online system there are many other possiblities of providing your event's results - large displays at event headquartes, TV monitors and broadcasts and many more. Feel free to contact us with your event ideas and we will gladly work on developing them for you.

Click here to register and use Yacht Scoring to manage and score your event.

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