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30/May/2021 @ 01:56PM EST

2021 Figawi AWARDS and WRAP UP -

The awards were scheduled for 4:00 PM today at Hyannis Yacht Club but because the race finished early, we are hoping to kick it off earlier. If you aren't at HYC now, it would be great if you could head on is currently 3:00 PM we would like to start this show at 3:30 PM. It's warm here and the bar is open. See you soon!

Figawi Race Committee


30/May/2021 @ 07:25AM EST

Figawi Start Line -


The starting area location is 41 36.738 70 18.231. This is the USUAL location of the Figawi Starting Line. 

Figawi Race Committee

30/May/2021 @ 06:13AM EST



It is our intention to run one race today. The first start will be on time at 10:00.

The water is cold, the air will remain cold, it will rain a bit, and there are thunderstorms and fog forecast for later on this afternoon.

So we will keep this simple today and start on time. We will run SPECIAL COURSE 10 (labeled in Sailing Instructions as COURSE H) 

‘Y’ flag has been displayed at HYC. Lifejackets must be worn.

Please note the Change to Sailing Instructions posted last night. The positions of the Start Boat and the Orange Start Buoy have been flipped from the diagram. Boat will be to Port, Buoy to Starboard.

Dress warm!

Figawi Race Committee


29/May/2021 @ 04:45PM EST

2021 Figawi Scratch Sheets and Special Courses Scratch Sheets -

Thank you for your quick reponses regarding your intention to race tomorrow. 

Attached please find the Scratch Sheets with courses 1-9 and the Scratch Sheets Special Courses with courses 10, 11.

Thank you,

Figawi Race Committee


29/May/2021 @ 04:12PM EST

Figawi Race Committee Sailing Instruction Change #1 -

Figawi 2021

Change to Sailing Instructions  #1

6. The Start

The start line is changed. The Sailing Instructions diagram show the Orange Start Mark to Port and the Committee Start Boat to Starboard. 

This has been changed. 

The Orange Start Mark will now be to Starboard and the Committee Start Boat will now be to Port.

The restricted zone is unchanged. Pink Marks will bound the back of the zone.


Tom Duggan
Figawi Race Officer
Posted 5/29/21


29/May/2021 @ 03:50PM EST

Figawi Race Committee ANNOUNCEMENT -


We are still hoping to be able to race tomorrow (Sunday). The forecasts are a bit mixed but there is the possibility that the windspeed will diminish enough and the temperature will rise enough to get a race in. We don’t want to give up on this, so at this time we remain on schedule for a 10:00 Sunday start. 

There is the possibility that we could postpone the start until a bit later in the day.

If we do race it is highly likely we will use one of the two Special Courses. Make sure you have your scratch sheet with start times for both the regular courses and the Special Courses. They are two separate documents. 

If we do race it is highly likely we will display signal flag ‘Y’ from the Hyannis Yacht Club flagstaff. This would invoke Racing Rule 40- lifejackets required at all times while afloat.

A notification will be sent and posted by 7:00 am Sunday with the plan for the day.

If you are planning on racing tomorrow, it would be helpful for planning if you could let us know by either texting Shelley 508-221-6891 or sending an email

Stay warm.
Figawi Race Committee

28/May/2021 @ 10:37AM EST

RACE STATUS UPDATE 50th Annual Figawi Race Weekend -


Due to the adverse weather forecast, Saturday's racing has been postponed to Sunday.

It is our intention to race Sunday should conditions permit.

We will provide an update regarding our intentions for Sunday's race by 1800 Saturday.

The Figawi Committee invites you to join them today at Hyannis Yacht Club and Trader Ed’s at Hyannis Marina for the official opening of the 50th Annual Race Weekend.

Thank you for your patience,
Figawi Race Committee


Figawi Shoreside Schedule

Friday, May 28

3-7 PM
Registration and Welcome Party with Live Music by Brian Glowacki
Hyannis Yacht Club 490 Ocean Street, Hyannis
Figawi Merchandise

5-8 PM
Welcome Party with Live Music by Louie Bello
Trader Ed’s at Hyannis Marina

At both locations at 6PM there will be a brief WELCOME and update from the Figawi Committee. 

DUE TO STATE RESTRICTIONS REGARDING GATHERINGS (COVID RESTRICTIONS END at MIDNIGHT tonight): Figawi entrants staying at Hyannis Marina please enjoy the party at Trader Ed's and Figawi entrants staying at Hyannis Yacht Club please enjoy the party at HYC. 

Saturday, May 29

5 PM
Celebrate 50 years of Figawi with Mt Gay
Live music from the band Freeballin with Brian Glowacki and Figawi swag giveaways




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