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08/Sep/2019 @ 06:30AM EST

Day 2 Protest Report 9.7.2019 -

Please see attached

Mark Foster

Chief Judge


07/Sep/2019 @ 07:17PM EST

Day 2 Protests and Hearing Schedule -

Please see attached

Mark Foster

Chief Judge


07/Sep/2019 @ 07:02PM EST

Day 2 Race Committee Actions Report 9.7.2019 -

Please see the attached file.

Bruce Golison, PRO

06/Sep/2019 @ 05:00PM EST

Day 1 Protests and Schedule 9.6.2019 -

Please find attached the Day 1 Protests and Hearing Schedule.

Mark Foster

Chief Judge


05/Sep/2019 @ 08:36PM EST

SI Amendment #4 -


Please see the below and attached SI Amendment #4:

Sailing Instructions (SI) - Amendment No. 4

The following two changes are made:

1.  SI  3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 11.1, 19.1, 19.2, 21.5  -  CHANGE  the Race Committee's VHF channel to channel 73.

2.   SI 6  (Schedule) -  The initial Warning Signal for Saturday is changed to  10:30 am.

By:      Bruce Golison
Date:  September 5, 2019


29/Aug/2019 @ 11:33AM EST

Muskegon Logistical Requirements -


E Nationals


Logistical Considerations and Requirements


Upon arrival at Muskegon Yacht Club-

You will need to pull your car into the parking lot and unhook immediately and have your boat moved into a parking spot for the regatta.  You will not be able to bring your vehicle to where your boat/trailer is parked.  If you need to get things from your car to the boat such as sails, tools, or rigging- please plan accordingly.  There is parking on the streets adjacent to the club, however most of the easy access overflow parking available is approximately 200 yards to the East of the Club in the Hagars Hangar overflow lot across the street from Torresen Marina.  Look for signs indicating such.  There will be no visitor car parking on the Muskegon Yacht Club grounds due to member parking requirements as well as the number of competitors.  Please plan accordingly.  You can pull into the yacht club parking area to un-hook boat and you will have assistance moving it and your belongings to the next prioritized boat parking location.  First come, first served.  However, any boats arriving before Thursday will not be allowed into the Yacht Club grounds.  The Melges 24 fleet will be re-locating to another section of the club grounds after the Wednesday night beer can race to make room for all the E-Scows arriving for the regatta.  There is a large pad at the Torresen Marina 200 yards east of the Yacht Club on the lake side of the street that has a lot of empty space.  Look for other boats parked there if you arrive prior to Thursday morning.  Park your boat alongside the others overnight.


Temporary mooring field

We have over 70 boats to launch and retrieve every day of racing.  If the day starts off with breeze under the class limit, we will still have to launch in anticipation of thermal arriving around 11-12 am.  Because of the number of boats, we will ask you to launch and tie up to a temporary mooring.  We can’t wait for the wind to come up and then take the time to launch all the boats when that occurs.   We hope you understand-   please work with your crew and the volunteers to facilitate. PLEASE help get your boats in the water early.  We will have water taxis to tow your boat to moorings and deliver crew back and forth accordingly.  There will be approximately 35 boats from each side of the club to launch.  West side will be ramp launch; East side will be crane launch.  We will fill parking spaces on the East crane side of the club grounds first as boats arrive, and then the ramp side second.  As always, anyone can employ their own personal mooring.  Water depth in front of the club drops quickly from 8 feet to 40 feet deep.


Taped off areas

Please honor the taped off boundaries, and temporary signs/notifications.  They are important to assuring a smooth-running event.  No Alcohol on the street side (south side) of the boundaries.  Alcohol is not allowed to leave the South Entrance of the club.  Anyone in violation of this rule may be disqualified from the event.


North pier at Muskegon Yacht Club


The furthest dock to the north of the MYC facility has been severely damaged the last 2 years by Winter storms.  The damaged dock can handle boats tied to it. However, you can’t walk down the dock and make it back to the Yacht Club, the damage has to the structure has been too severe and it hasn’t been repaired to date.  Use at your own risk. It is not advisable to use the dock other than for a short stay to make adjustments to your boat, as in raising or lowering your sails.


Boats in slips


Please do not tie up to any boats docked in the boat slips.  It’s not allowed. Dry sailed boats have caused damage to docked boats at prior events by tying up to them, leaving the boats unattended, and then boat waves or wind shifts cause contact between the docked boats and the transient boats.


Identification stickers for boats and trailers


Each boat and trailer will have matching numerical stickers assigned for launch and haul out identification.  These will be distributed by the launch team in the parking area beginning Thursday evening.  One sticker is to be affixed next to the tongue of the trailer, and the other on the hull, preferred near the spinnaker pole opening on the deck, or at the base of the mast where the launch teams can see them easily.


We look forward to your arrival in Muskegon. We are excited that you are coming!!


PLEASE …safe travels…




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