2022/2023 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series - Louis Piana Cup
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Protest Filings
Protest Filing Report as of 22/Mar/2023 @ 11:09 AM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
1. 3 Vertigo 2 (USA 1368) vs Bungee Smuggler (USA 1424) Port Starboard at the start of race 3 at the pin boat 05:30PM Closed Sail # 1424 Accepted a 20% penalty

Notice of Race
Notice of Race (03/Aug/2022 @ 13:43 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #1 (25/Jan/2023 @ 09:39 - GMT-5)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (05/Dec/2022 @ 10:02 - GMT-5)

Additional Event Documents
  2023 EBBRS Schedule of Events (01/Aug/2022 @ 15:41 - GMT-5)
  Crew Replacement (11/Dec/2022 @ 08:57 - GMT-5)
  2023 BBYC Guest Etchells Registration Form (01/Aug/2022 @ 15:42 - GMT-5)
  2023 BBYC Billing Security Agreement Form (01/Aug/2022 @ 15:43 - GMT-5)
  2023-Biscayne Bay Yacht Club Information (01/Aug/2022 @ 15:44 - GMT-5)
  2023 EBBRS Tides (01/Aug/2022 @ 16:40 - GMT-5)
  2023 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series Hotel Rates (18/Oct/2022 @ 15:04 - GMT-5)
  2023 EBBRS TracTrac Tracker Procedure (08/Dec/2022 @ 13:29 - GMT-5)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

03/Feb    Louis Piana Cup 04:07 PM 05:07 PM  

Notice Board Posts

25/Jan/2023 @ 12:59PM

Etchells Florida State Championship - Weigh in -

Etchells Competitors

Just to clear up any confusion about the weigh-in for the Florida State Championship (Sat.-Sun., February 4th-5th):

We have registration for both the Piana Cup and the FL States on Thursday, February 2nd, for both events.

Registration time is 09:00-12:00 and 16:00-18:00

We will do weigh-in for the FL States during this time. 

We will also have weigh-in on Friday, February 3rd, between 08:00-08:45 prior to the Competitor Briefing for those teams that cannot make the Thursday registration times due to late flights, etc..

The Piana Cup is not a weigh-in event.


Jeff Nehms

25/Jan/2023 @ 09:39AM

2023 Amendment #1 NOR Change to Section 7 and 13 -

16/Dec/2022 @ 05:18PM

Etchells Piana Cup RESCHEDULE -

Etchells Competitors

The rescheduled Piana Cup wiil be a one day event, Friday only, February 3rd 2023 (3 races).

Option #2: Friday only, February 3rd 2023 won the vote.

Many teams stated that the cost of changing plane tickets and housing was a major concern.

We also have a number of our Race Committee people who actually have day jobs and are not able to take two days off.

The Notice of Regatta Series and the Sailing Instructions will be updated shortly to reflect the reschedule.


I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season and look forward to see you all in January for the Sid Doren Memorial regatta.

And pray to the wind gods.


Jeff Nehms   (305) 281-9519


09/Dec/2022 @ 01:05PM

Piana Cup Breakfast will be served at BBYC both Saturday and Sunday -

Etchells Competitors

Breakfast will be served at BBYC both Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:15AM

08/Dec/2022 @ 01:30PM

Etchells Piana Cup - TracTrac Tracker Procedure -

Etchells Competitors

Attached is the TracTrac Tracker Procedure document.

TracTrac Trackers will be distributed during registration hours at BBYC on Friday 12/09

05/Dec/2022 @ 10:02AM

2022/2023 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series - Sailing Instructions -

Etchells Competitors

The Sailing Instructions for the 2022/2023 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series have been posted on Yachtscoring.

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