126th Larchmont Race Week
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Protest Filings
Protest Filing Report as of 22/Jul/2024 @ 12:42 AM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
1. 2 charter ( 53) vs TBD ( 51) Closed
2. 3 TBD ( 51) vs charter ( 53) Closed
3. 5 Columbia ( 52) vs charter ( 53) Closed 53 scoring penalty

Notice of Race
Notice of Race (15/Jun/2024 @ 06:53 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #1 (26/Apr/2024 @ 10:49 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #2 (05/Jun/2024 @ 21:24 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #3 (09/Jul/2024 @ 15:28 - GMT-5)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (10/Jul/2024 @ 23:29 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #1 (18/Jul/2024 @ 22:26 - GMT-5)

Additional Event Documents
  Race Week Social Calendar (16/Jul/2024 @ 08:14 - GMT-5)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

20/Jul    Ideal 18/z420 04:53 PM 05:53 PM  

20/Jul    One Design 05:48 PM 06:48 PM  

20/Jul    Racer Cruiser 05:55 PM 06:58 PM  

Notice Board Posts

21/Jul/2024 @ 12:07PM

Sunday, July 21 update -

AP will be coming down at 1215

21/Jul/2024 @ 10:58AM

Sunday July 21 AP -

All Classes are Postponed Ashore.

Further updates will be at 1200

20/Jul/2024 @ 07:25PM

Sun. July 21, 2024 Warning Signals -

There is no Pursuit Race tomorrow.

The first Warning Signals are as follows

PHRF Circle - 1st Waring 1200

One Design Circle - 1st Warning 1225

Ideal/420 (no RS21) - 1st Warning 1255

19/Jul/2024 @ 11:04PM

Warning Signals Sat, July 20, 2024 -

There will be no Pursuit Racing this weekend.

The 1st Warning Signals are as follows

Ideal 18/z420/RS21 

         Competitor Meeting 1115

         1st Warning 1255

Cruising - PHRF Spin

          1st Warning 1400

One Designs

           1st Warning   1425      

19/Jul/2024 @ 09:01AM

Monte Madness -


After completing tonight's Execution Rocks Race, head for a mooring, hail the club on VHF 72 and be welcomed with a mini version of our signature drink, The Monte-Sano Cooler.

Ribs will be on standby. Let the celebration begin!

18/Jul/2024 @ 10:26PM

Execution Rocks Race -

An Amendment has been posted to the Sailing Instructions splitting the starts.

We are pleased to have so many entries for the Execution Rocks Race. However, we will now need to split the starts with Non-Spinnaker Divisions starting 1st followed approximately 10 minutes later with the Spinnaker Divisions.

We look forward to seeing you on the line and at the on-shore party following racing.

17/Jul/2024 @ 06:39AM

Execution Rocks Rocks Party -

Kick off your weekend at the Execution Rocks Party!

1900-2300 Friday, July 19 

Music by “Summer Fling” on the Main Stage

Free Moorings

Join your fellow racers at the Awards Ceremony for the Execution Rocks Race following racing.

14/Jul/2024 @ 02:08PM

July 14 One Design Abandoned -

July 14 RW One Design racing is abandoned. 
Thank you. 

14/Jul/2024 @ 12:55PM

Sunday July14 OD Circle -

OD circle is postponed. Stand by for updates. 

14/Jul/2024 @ 12:55PM

Sunday July14 OD Circle -

OD circle is postponed. Stand by for updates. 

14/Jul/2024 @ 07:12AM

LYC Race Week - Sunday July 14th, 2024 -

The One Design circle first warning will be at 1425.

The z420 Team Race circle first warning will be at 1200.

The Ideal Team Race circle is completed and will not be racing today.

Awards for both Team Race circles will be upon the completion of racing.

13/Jul/2024 @ 09:22AM

July 13 One Design 1st Warning -

Good Morning,


The 1st Warning for today, Sat. July 13 will be 1425. 


The forecast for sailable wind conditions before that are not very favorable.

04/Jun/2024 @ 02:35PM

Team Racing -

Team Race Information, Entry Forms, and Documents can be found on the Race Week webpage at: https://www.larchmontyc.org/Default.aspx?p=dynamicmodule&pageid=198&ssid=100210&vnf=1

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