2021 Michael A. Mentuck Memorial Ocean Race
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Notice of Race
Notice of Race (07/Jul/2021 @ 17:19 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #1 (04/Jul/2021 @ 17:37 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #2 (07/Jul/2021 @ 16:07 - GMT-5)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (07/Jul/2021 @ 16:08 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #1 (07/Jul/2021 @ 09:49 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #2 (07/Jul/2021 @ 16:07 - GMT-5)

Additional Event Documents
  Inspection Checklist Form (04/Jul/2021 @ 15:31 - GMT-5)
  Addendum B - Marks List (07/Jul/2021 @ 16:10 - GMT-5)
  Hearing Request Form (04/Jul/2021 @ 16:26 - GMT-5)
  Penalty Reporting Form (04/Jul/2021 @ 16:49 - GMT-5)
  Weather Briefing (08/Jul/2021 @ 19:23 - GMT-5)
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08/Jul/2021 @ 06:24PM

Weather Briefing Posted -

Tonights weather briefing from the skippers meeting  has been posted and is attched. 



Joe Guglielmo

08/Jul/2021 @ 11:16AM

Today’s Schedule -

Due to the delayed start, Registration will also be open today from 3-5 pm for those who have not yet come by. There's a hard stop at 5, so arrive closer to 3 or 4 if you can. Skippers Meeting and Weather Briefing will begin at 6 pm under the tent. See you soon! 

07/Jul/2021 @ 03:11PM

Amended Race Docs -

Hi Sailors,

Amended NOR and SI are posted and are attached. Please note that the course has changed significantly. 

Happy reading!

Karen Tenenbaum, PRO


07/Jul/2021 @ 11:41AM

Race Update -

Greetings Racers,

Due to the predicted track and intensity of TS Elsa, we've decided to delay the start of the race by approximately 24 hours. As a result, the skippers meeting and weather briefing will also be delayed a day. 

Revised Schedule:

Skippers Meeting: Thursday 7/8 at 6 pm under the tent, followed by Weather Briefing

Start: Friday 7/9 beginning at 7 pm. 

We wanted to let you know as soon as possible, so formal race doc amendments will follow. Everything subject to change due to weather. Thanks for your patience,

Karen Tenenbaum, PRO 


04/Jul/2021 @ 04:38PM

SI's and NOR as Amended -

Attached please find the 1st Amendment to the NOR, the NOR as Amended, and the SIs. See you all soon!


Karen Tenenbaum, PRO


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