2022 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - St. Petersburg
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Protest Filings
Protest Filing Report as of 20/May/2022 @ 08:46 PM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
2. Avenger ( 83272) vs Christopher Dragon (ITA 2277) RRS 11 RRS 14 with Damage. Penalty turns taken. 06:10PM Closed Protest Invalid
3. Rasta Racing (USA 171) vs Emperia ( USA 169) RRS 10 requesting redress 06:10PM Closed 171 gets average for race 2 for all other races in the series
4. 3 APEX ( 497) vs High n Tight (USA 228) Room to Finish 04:15PM Closed High And Tight DSQ
5. 3 Race Committee vs APEX ( 497) RRS 31 Contact with the RC Committee Boat 04:15PM Closed exonerated RRS 43.1 (a)
6. Brutus III (GBR 1123) vs Redress - Race Committee Requesting Redress 05:55PM Closed Redress Denied
7. HH NJORD - SPYC (USA 29) vs Redress - Race Committee Redress Request 05:50PM Closed Redress Denied

Notice of Race
Notice of Race (12/Nov/2021 @ 14:28 - GMT-5)
  NOR Amendment #1 (07/Jan/2022 @ 17:18 - GMT-5)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (14/Feb/2022 @ 17:26 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #1 (16/Feb/2022 @ 12:47 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #2 (17/Feb/2022 @ 19:51 - GMT-5)

Additional Event Documents
  Official Race Program (14/Feb/2022 @ 17:24 - GMT-5)
  Sailing Instruction - Addendum A (17/Feb/2022 @ 11:05 - GMT-5)
  North Sails Rally Race - Notice of Race (04/Feb/2022 @ 18:45 - GMT-5)
  North Sails Rally - Sailing Instructions (18/Feb/2022 @ 10:09 - GMT-5)
  Schedule of Events (04/Feb/2022 @ 19:12 - GMT-5)
  St Pete Regatta Logistics (18/Jan/2022 @ 12:46 - GMT-5)
  SPYC Box Lunch Form (04/Feb/2022 @ 18:51 - GMT-5)
  Haul Out Instructions (19/Feb/2022 @ 16:51 - GMT-5)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

20/Feb    HHSWRS Circle A 01:14 PM 02:14 PM  

20/Feb    HHSWRS Circle B 11:55 AM 12:55 PM  

20/Feb    HHSWRS Circle C 01:50 PM 02:50 PM  

20/Feb    HHSWRS Circle D 02:25 PM 03:25 PM  

19/Feb    HHSWRS Circle A 03:13 PM 04:13 PM  

19/Feb    HHSWRS Circle B 03:00 PM 04:00 PM  

19/Feb    HHSWRS Circle C 04:45 PM 05:45 PM  

19/Feb    HHSWRS Circle D 03:29 PM 04:29 PM  

19/Feb    STP Saturday Only 03:20 PM 04:20 PM  

18/Feb    HHSWRS Circle A 05:20 PM 06:20 PM  

18/Feb    HHSWRS Circle B 05:00 PM 06:00 PM  

18/Feb    HHSWRS Circle C 05:07 PM 06:07 PM  

18/Feb    HHSWRS Circle D 05:08 PM 06:08 PM  

Notice Board Posts

18/Feb/2022 @ 11:12AM

1115 Update -

Fog is finally thinning in the race area. We plan to lower AP at 1200 Noon and schedule the first warning signal at1300hours. We hope to get 3 races in this afternoon if conditions allow.

18/Feb/2022 @ 10:33AM

1030 Update -

Our mark boat in the racing area reports we do not have sailing conditions on the water yet. We are extending the postponement for one more hour.


Our next scheduled update will be at time 1130. We will update you before that if things improve before that.


18/Feb/2022 @ 09:44AM

Update -

Conditions have not improved significantly on the water. We will continue the postponement ashore for one more hour. Our next scheduled update will be at 1030 hours. We have a race committee boat in the racing area to report conditions. If we see conditions improve we will notify you of our plans.

18/Feb/2022 @ 08:44AM

Notice to Competitors -


Due to the present conditions, we are postponing ashore for a minimum of one hour while we wait for the fog to lift. We expect a nice afternoon for racing. This postponement will not apply to the A Cat and Lightning classes at this time.

Our next update will be at time 0930.


HH Sailing World Regatta Series Race Officials

25/Jan/2022 @ 02:16PM

Registration Requirements -

Hi Folks,

Please note that all one-design classes must adhere to thier class rules in order to compete in the NOOD regattas. The A-cat class requires current valid class measurement per the rule below. Please note that any boat's registration that is not compliant will not be eligilable to race and her entry will be removed. Please contact your class rep or renew online. 

Section B – Boat Eligibility For a boat to be eligible for racing, it shall comply with the rules in this section. B.1 CLASS RULES AND CERTIFICATION B.1.1 The boat shall: (a) be in compliance with the class rules. (b) only be allowed to race if a current measurement certificate for hull, mast and sail is completed and signed by an Official Measurer. (c) have valid certification marks as required.


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