2022 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - Chicago
Official Notice Board

Protest Filings
Protest Filing Report as of 30/Jun/2022 @ 06:02 PM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
1. Joie De Vie ( USA119) vs Veni Vidi Veatchi (USA 60500) Rule 10, 13 at Weather Mark on Race #1 04:15PM Closed 60500 DSQ in Race #1
2. 2 Inferno (USA 40048) vs Pura Vida (USA 112) Rule 10 & 14 on Race 2 05:45PM Closed Pura Vida DSQ race #2. Inferno granted redress of 2 points for race 2.
2. 2 Pura Vida (USA 112) vs Inferno (USA 40048) Request to reopen hearing #2 Closed Request for re-opening denied - request invalid
3. Rhumb Runner (USA 51219) vs Sociable (USA 60102) Rule 16.1 in Race #2 06:15PM Closed Protest Dismissed.
4. 4 Soulshine (USA 60310) vs Brawndo (USA 219) Damage at weather mark race #4 06:00PM Closed Withdrawn

Notice of Race
Notice of Race (09/Jun/2022 @ 12:23 - GMT-6)
  NOR Amendment #1 (11/May/2022 @ 11:58 - GMT-6)
  NOR Amendment #2 (19/May/2022 @ 08:49 - GMT-6)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (06/Jun/2022 @ 23:45 - GMT-6)

Additional Event Documents
  3 Day Addendum B (07/Jun/2022 @ 00:06 - GMT-6)
  North Sails Rally - Notice of Race (09/Jun/2022 @ 10:34 - GMT-6)
  North Sails Rally Race NOR Amendment 1 (20/May/2022 @ 14:17 - GMT-6)
  North Sails Rally Race NOR Amendment 2 (01/Jun/2022 @ 07:06 - GMT-6)
  North Sails Rally - Sailing Instructions (07/Jun/2022 @ 07:54 - GMT-6)
  Rally Staring Order & Flags (10/Jun/2022 @ 15:26 - GMT-6)
  Remote Control Sailing Instructions (11/Jun/2022 @ 17:34 - GMT-6)
  Remote Control Notice of Race (21/May/2022 @ 10:15 - GMT-6)
  Laser/ICLA Sailing Instructions (09/Jun/2022 @ 10:23 - GMT-6)
  Laser/ICLA Sailing Instructions SI Amendment 1 (09/Jun/2022 @ 14:43 - GMT-6)
  Laser/ILCA Sailing Instructions Amendment 2 (10/Jun/2022 @ 14:04 - GMT-6)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

12/Jun    Blue Circle 03:36 PM 04:36 PM  

12/Jun    Laser Circle 02:33 PM 03:33 PM  

12/Jun    Red Circle 02:39 PM 03:39 PM  

12/Jun    White Circle 03:35 PM 04:35 PM  

11/Jun    Blue Circle 04:19 PM 05:19 PM  

11/Jun    Laser Circle 04:10 PM 05:10 PM  

11/Jun    North Sails Rally 05:10 PM 06:10 PM  

11/Jun    Red Circle 04:35 PM 05:35 PM  

11/Jun    White Circle 04:40 PM 05:40 PM  

10/Jun    Blue Circle 04:14 PM 05:14 PM  

10/Jun    Laser Circle 01:40 PM 02:40 PM  

10/Jun    Red Circle 04:32 PM 05:32 PM  

10/Jun    White Circle 02:20 PM 03:20 PM  

Notice Board Posts

07/Jun/2022 @ 08:00AM

Sailing World Regatta Series - IMPORTANT -

Thank you for participating in the 2022 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series Chicago (fka NOOD). Please visit the race website to view the Sailing Instructions, Schedule of Events, Official Notice Board and more. If you have any questions, please email us at regattas@sailingworld.com. Please review the housekeeping items below:

Crew Waivers

All crew waivers MUST be signed online. Your registration will not be complete and you will be unable to check in until everyone has signed their waiver. Please enter your crew via the Owner's Corner in YachtScoring. Your crew will be sent an email with instructions for completing the required steps.

Corinthian – J70

If you intend to sail with a Corinthian declaration in the J/70 class please let us know.

Mixed Plus Divisions

The J/70, J/88, and Tartan 10 classes are eligible for the Mixed Plus Division. 

16.3 Additional prizes may be awarded to the top Junior Team (under 21 years of age), and top Mixed Plus Team (50% + female) to the J/70 Class or any one-design class with a minimum of 12 boats registered.

If it is your intention to sail as a Mixed Plus Team please reply to this email or email regattas@sailingworld.com with your declaration. We will update your entry. Please note you will still need to add your crew to your registration.

The Helly Hansen regatta store will be open during registration starting Thursday at 1600.

Thank you,

The Sailing World Team


20/May/2022 @ 02:17PM

North Sails Rally Race Entry Deadline extended. Late Fee Waived. -

Please note we have extended the Entry Deadline for the North Sails Rally Race, June 11, to June 9. In addition we have waived any Late Fee for Entry.

Please let your fellow sailors know and encourage them to enter, so they can join the fun.

Your North Sails Rally Organizing Authority.

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