2022 Race Week Anacortes
Official Notice Board

Protest Filings
Protest Filing Report as of 29/Nov/2022 @ 06:30 AM

No. Race # Protesting   Protested Reason Hearing Status Jury Decision
1. 1 Grace E (USA 40622) vs Irie (USA 61369) Grace E 40622 protesting Irie 61369 for breaking rule 10 and 14 in the prestart of race 1. 05:30PM Closed Both boats retired no further penalty
2. Bribery ( 113) vs
Pangaea (USA 59059)
Sporting Jenny ( 53242)
Bribery 113 is protesting Pangaea and Sporting Jenny for using flying sails in a non-flying sails class. 06:00PM Closed Pangaea DSQ race one, Sporting Jenny RET race one and will not be penalized further
3. Grace E (USA 40622) vs Redress - Against a boat causing damage/injury Boat requesting redress based on score being made significantly worse due physical damage due the actions of a boat that was breaking a rule under part 2 and was penalized. 08:30AM Closed Redress granted, scores for races on Monday and Tuesday will be the average of all races sailed Wednesday and Thursday so long as there are equal to or more races sailed Wednesday and Thursday then Monday and Tuesday
4. Spyhop (USA 171) vs Eye Eye (USA 3) Spyhop protesting Eye Eye for breaking rule 18.2(b) at first the leeward mark in race #4 06:00PM Closed Eye Eye took post race penalty in arbitration
5. Corvo 105 (USA 475) vs Myst (USA 832) Corvo protesting Myst for breaking rule 10 near leeward mark in race 4 06:00PM Closed Corvo DSQ race 4
6. Reckless (USA 296) vs Jolly Green (USA 1) Reckless protesting Jolly Green for breaking rule 10 near the wind ward mark in race 6 06:30PM Closed
7. Myst (USA 832) vs Corvo 105 (USA 475) Myst protesting Corvo for breaking rule 2 18.2 (b) (c), and 14 near leeward mark in race 4. This will be heard with filing 5 06:00PM Closed Heard with #5, Corvo DSQ race 4
8. Eye Eye (USA 3) vs JUGO (USA 69022) Eye Eye protesting Jugo for an incident at the windward mark in race 5 07:00PM Closed Protest Invalid

Notice of Race
Notice of Race (15/Feb/2022 @ 14:44 - GMT-8)
  NOR Amendment #1 (16/Jan/2022 @ 16:17 - GMT-8)
  NOR Amendment #2 (25/Jan/2022 @ 14:50 - GMT-8)
  NOR Amendment #3 (14/Jun/2022 @ 18:30 - GMT-8)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (05/Jun/2022 @ 16:25 - GMT-8)
  SI Amendment #1 (05/Jun/2022 @ 15:30 - GMT-8)
  SI Amendment #2 (13/Jun/2022 @ 15:36 - GMT-8)
  SI Amendment #3 (13/Jun/2022 @ 17:13 - GMT-8)
  SI Amendment #4 (20/Jun/2022 @ 10:20 - GMT-8)
  SI Amendment #5 (21/Jun/2022 @ 00:02 - GMT-8)

Additional Event Documents
  Man Overboard Return and Recovery (19/May/2022 @ 17:31 - GMT-8)
  Emergency Action Plan (EAP) (24/May/2022 @ 13:39 - GMT-8)
  2022 Shirts Featuring Colorful Seas by Jennifer Bowman (23/May/2022 @ 14:13 - GMT-8)
  Cap Sante Marina Map (07/Jun/2022 @ 20:08 - GMT-8)
  Map Slip Assignments (14/Jun/2022 @ 17:07 - GMT-8)
  2022 Class Breaks (13/Jun/2022 @ 15:40 - GMT-8)
  SI ADDENDUM "A" COURSES (15/Jun/2022 @ 16:02 - GMT-8)
  US Sailing Prescriptions (20/Jun/2022 @ 23:55 - GMT-8)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

24/Jun    Race Week Anacortes 04:40 PM 05:25 PM  

23/Jun    Race Week Anacortes 04:20 PM 05:05 PM  

22/Jun    Race Week Anacortes 05:34 PM 06:19 PM  

21/Jun    Race Week Anacortes 02:37 PM 03:22 PM  

20/Jun    Race Week Anacortes 04:20 PM 05:05 PM  

Notice Board Posts

25/Jun/2022 @ 11:40PM

Save the Date / Scoring Issues -

Greetings Racers!

Thank you for joining in the fun this past week! After a long day of packing up, moving out (and returning stages, speakers, tables, chairs), I wanted to just say, "I really miss so many of you already!"

Save the Date!

Race Week 2023 will happen June 19-23, 2023 - please save the date and share with your friends! We are planning for some new additions, including a return of the rum tent (finally post-covid), a Race Week campfire night where all are invited to bring a guitar, harmonica, fiddle, etc. and a couple new post race contests that involve the building of a boat to race in the marina. I assure you that the "party" and "play" of our "Race.Party. Play" is coming! 


A few crews have contacted me today to say they have tested positive for Covid after Race Week. I'm so sorry that Covid is still a thing; but it very much is. Please check in with your crew, and take care of yourself and each other. 


I am so sorry there were scoring issues that delayed the dailies and overal awards. I hired a scorekeeper who said she had it handled, but obviously she was in over her head. Last year it was course issues with the PRO; and this year, it was the poor performance of our scorekeeper. Early on, when the entire race committee recoginized we had an inadequate scorekeeper, she was replaced as the lead. But it turns out her keystroke errors continued to exacerbate our scoring issues. I assure you that in 2023, I will procure a professional scorer who knows how to set up a race, enter the finishing times, and post results in a timely manner. I am so sorry our designated scorekeeper failed us all. 




Please visit the following link to check out Race Week shots from Jan Anderson. Jan and Skip (and buddy) spend hours capturing the event. Please purchase photos so that it is worth their while to continue. 



Please send me feedback about your experience in Anacortes at the Cap Sante Marina. I am really striving to deliver a first class RC, in addition to a stellar shoreside experience for Race Week. Feedback helps us fine tune everthing. 

Have a great summer! 

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA), (206) 384-5254, schelleen@rathkopf.org





23/Jun/2022 @ 12:18PM

Thursday Report -

Greetings Racers! 


Results can be found at this link: https://www.sailwave.com/results/AnacortesRaceWeek2022.htm


Please visit the harbormaster's office at Cap Sante to pay for your moorage and/or RV space if you haven't done so already.

Power Splitters

The harbormaster asked that I remind all who checked out power splitters to please return these before departing Cap Sante.

Dock Carts

The harbormaster asked that I remind everyone to please return dock carts instead of leaving them at their destination. 

Loading Zone

The harbormaster asked that I remind everyone that the loading zone is 30 minutes or less. He has noticed cars being parked their for hours and wants everyone to remember the purpose of those spots.

Fuel Cans

Please do not leave fuel cans on the docks. With the heat, they expand and pressurize, and yesterday the harbormaster found one on the dock that was leaking gas into the water. 

Move Out

Move out is by Noon on Saturday June 25. 


See you out on the water! (Oh, and p.s: Time Warp will do their dance for treats)

Schelleen Rathkopf







22/Jun/2022 @ 10:03PM

Race Results -

Greeting Competitors!

You will find the results for the entire week at the following link:


Please share the link! 



21/Jun/2022 @ 10:59AM

Day 1 Results -

Greetings Race Week Competitors,

Due to technical difficulties with the Yacht Scoring platform, we have had to change scoring platforms to Sailwave. Below you will find links to Day 1 results for the OD and PHRF classes: 



Thank you and enjoy Day 2!




21/Jun/2022 @ 12:02AM

SI Amendment #5 -

Greetings Race Week Competitors,

We recognize there are some scoring issues with today's daily results. We are working on this, and will work with our scorekeeper to determine next steps. Rest assured assured that the results will be corrected and all daily winners will be recognized. 

Attached you'll find Amendment #5 to the SIs. 

Thank you! 

20/Jun/2022 @ 11:55PM

US Sailing Prescriptions -

20/Jun/2022 @ 08:30PM

Request for redress filed in race one division 3 -

A request for redress has been filed by Grace E for race one based on rule 62.1 (b). 

A hearing has been scheduled for 0830am Tueday 6/21/22 at the Anacortes Yacht club. Anyone who would like to be a party to this hearing please e-mail the protest committee at Jared@celebrationboatworks.com by 0800am and be at the Anacortes Yacht club by 0815am Tuesday 6/21/22.

Jared Hickman

Chief Judge Race Week Anacortes 2022

20/Jun/2022 @ 10:20AM

New Flag for J70 and J80 Fleet -

20/Jun/2022 @ 10:12AM

New Flag for Your Class -

Hello J80 Fleet - as per the attached SI amendment 4, your new flag is numeral pennant 8 as we were  unable to secure a class flag.

19/Jun/2022 @ 08:40AM

Welcome to Race Week 2022! -

Welcome to Race Week 2022

A couple reminders:

Move In/Skipper Check In/Merch Sales begins at 1 pm today on C-Dock!

The Skipper Meeting is at 5:30 pm today on C-D Dock!

See you soon!

15/Jun/2022 @ 06:23PM

Official Notice Board / PSA Covid -

Dear Race Week Competitors, 

Here are a couple more important items as you prepare for Race Week:

Official Notice Board

Please see the Official Notice Board link included here, as per NOR Amendment #3; the link has changed. This is where you will find all event documents; including the NOR, SIs, amendments, and additional documents: https://yachtscoring.com/notice_board_summary.cfm?eid=14925

PSA: Covid

Covid continues to be an issue in many communities, so please be vigilent and if you're experiencing covid symptoms, please take care of yourself and others and stay home. We hope to return to the big post race party by 2023, but are still encouraging everyone to spread out as much as possible after racing following the daily awards on C Dock. Restaurants and bars are open in Anacortes, and may have covid prevention requirements. As of now, we're not going to require people to mask up in the common areas on C-Dock, but please use your best judgement and if you've been ill, are ill, or are thinking about being ill - please pack and wear a mask! Thank you! 

See you soon! 

Schelleen Rathkkopf (OA)


Race Week is supported in part by the Port of Anacortes and the Cap Sante Marina




15/Jun/2022 @ 04:02PM


Greetings Race Week Competitors!

Attached you'll find SI ADDENDUM "A" COURSES that reflects changes made in SI Amendments 2 and 3. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the course plan, so that you're fully prepared for Race Week! It might even be a good idea to print it out -- laminate it -- and have it on board with you so everyone on board is clear about the courses. 

See you all in Anacortes! 

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA)



Race Week is supported in part by the Port of Anacortes and the Cap Sante Marina



13/Jun/2022 @ 05:13PM

Corrected Course Diagram -

Greetings Racers!

Attached is SI Amendment 3 showing a corrected course diagram. The 'Z' mark was missing from the last diagram in SI Amendment 2. 

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA)

07/Jun/2022 @ 08:09PM

2022 Race Week Slip Assignments -

Greetings Racers! 

Attached you'll find slip assignments for your boats and tenders on C-Dock. For those of you who requested tenders, I've placed them next to the boat you're racing to keep things super convenient for you and your crews. These slip assignments have been shared with the marina office, so if you previously made a moorage arrangement for your tender, you shouldn't have to call the marina office to request the move to C-Dock. 

Coming soon -- class breaks! 

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA)




Race Week is supported in part by the Port of Anacortes and the Cap Sante Marina


05/Jun/2022 @ 03:30PM

Race Week SIs -

Greetings Race Week Participants, 

Attached you'll find this year's SIs, in addition to SI Amendment #1. Please take some time reviewing the SIs, the attached SI Amendment #1, the EAP, and MOB Return and Recovery docs before arriving at Race Week. Class breaks and slip assignments are coming soon, and both will arrive in your Inbox before June 14! 

Slip Assignments / Tender Requests

I've received several tender requests, and the good news is that we've been able to place these next to your race boats on C-dock at Cap Sante. The deadline to request a tender is Monday, June 6 at 5 pm. After this time, there is no guarantee that there will be space for your tender. 

Crew Board

If you're looking to add crew, please be reminded that we have a crew board at the following link:


We are getting so close now to a great week together in Anacortes! 

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA)


Race Week is supported in part by the Port of Anacortes and the Cap Sante Marina


24/May/2022 @ 04:58PM

MOB Cold Water Shock & Hypothermia -

Greetings Race Week Participants,

The June 2022 issue of Pacific Yachting magazine includes a piece written by Marianne Scott titled, Cold Water Shock & Hypothermia that is excellent. Please take a moment to read this article, and share it with your crew. Below is a paragraph extracted from the piece that speaks volumes as to why it is critically important that skippers and crews understand cold shock, and why a person's survival depends on the first 60 seconds after falling overboard. Having a fleet of first responders on the course will not matter if the skipper and crew are not equipped to handle the first 60 seconds while waiting for help and support to arrive.


In the Essentials of Sea Survival, co-author Michael Tipton writes, "If you are lucky enough to survive long enough to die of hypothermia, you have done very well; most die in the first minute of immersion." Many search-and-rescue and Coast Guard personnel teaching classes on water safety use that phrase.

Why do people die in the first minute of immersion? When hitting cold water, your blood vessels contract (vasoconstriction) and you hyperventilate. This gulping of air is instinctive - it's something not easily stopped. It's called cold water shock. If you slide underwater while experiencing it, you suck in water and drown. Cold shock can also raise blood pressure significantly so for those with heart trouble or high blood pressure, this sudden stress can lead to a fatal heart attack. Especially if you've forgotten to don your PFD.

To read the complete article, click the link below which takes you to the digital version of the June 2022 issue of Pacific Yachting magazine, and scroll to page 56.


Given the reality of cold shock, please discuss your MOB reaction plan as a crew prior to leaving the dock. As the attached Emergency Action Plan spells out, at Race Week, a crew member will want to immediately hail the Race Committee on Channel 72, all the while other crew members are working to stop the boat by sailing head to wind, and others are cutting away any lines that may be tangled around the legs of a MOB to prevent them from dragging through the water. 

In memoriam to competitor Gregory Paul Mueller (1963-2021) who died at Race Week in 2021 after falling overboard during a race. After a complete autopsy was completed, the cause of death was listed as, 'Accidental Drowning'.

Thank you in advance for your preparedness and seamanship at Race Week.

Schelleen Rathkopf (OA)



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