2023 Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series - Marblehead
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Notice of Race
Notice of Race (07/May/2023 @ 12:59 - GMT-5)

Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions (25/Jul/2023 @ 11:56 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #1 (27/Jul/2023 @ 15:38 - GMT-5)
  SI Amendment #2 (29/Jul/2023 @ 15:47 - GMT-5)

Additional Event Documents
  SI Addendum 1 - Circle Assignments and Initial Start Order (25/Jul/2023 @ 12:14 - GMT-5)
  Fleet Racing Days (11/Jul/2023 @ 18:15 - GMT-5)
  Launching and Hauling Logistics - UPDATED July 19 (19/Jul/2023 @ 12:12 - GMT-5)
  ILCA Sailing Instructions (27/Jul/2023 @ 15:50 - GMT-5)
  ILCA SI Amend 1 (29/Jul/2023 @ 15:48 - GMT-5)
RC Docking Time and Protest Time Limit
Day Racing Circle Dock Time Protest Time Limit  

30/Jul    Halfway Rock Line 03:55 PM 04:55 PM  

30/Jul    Laser Area 03:20 PM 04:20 PM  

30/Jul    Outside Line 04:29 PM 05:29 PM  

30/Jul    Tinkers Line 03:55 PM 04:55 PM  

28/Jul    Halfway Rock Line 05:20 PM 06:20 PM  

28/Jul    Outside Line 05:54 PM 06:54 PM  

28/Jul    Tinkers Line 04:49 PM 05:49 PM  

27/Jul    Halfway Rock Line 04:19 PM 05:19 PM  

27/Jul    Outside Line 04:19 PM 05:19 PM  

Notice Board Posts

30/Jul/2023 @ 09:59AM

Crew Substitution -

J70 USA 226 Crew Substitution approved by judges.

29/Jul/2023 @ 03:48PM

Amendments Posted -

Please note that SI Amendments have been posted:




This Changes SI 6.2


The scheduled time of the warning signal for SUNDAY 7/30/23 will be 1100 EDT  for all fleets except ILCAs.


ILCA Amendment 

This changes SI 6.2

At 0830 EDT a skippers meeting will be held at Eastern Yacht Club dry sailing area and the scheduled time of the first warning will be 1000 EDT

29/Jul/2023 @ 11:41AM

Head out to your racing line now. The first warning on your line will not occur before 1240. -

Conditions have now improved enough to have racing today.

24/Jul/2023 @ 09:40AM

Out of Town Updated Logistics -

Hi Folks,

Due to the number of out of town dry sailed boats the logistics have changed. If you are a travelling boat please make sure you read before your arrival. 



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