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25/Jun/2023 @ 12:25AM

2nd IMPORTANT MSG: Race Week / PHRF and ORC -

We have come up with a creative solution to the dilluted fleets due to having both ORC and PHRF rated boats in the Fast Handicap fleets. 

We will race all the boats formally in 1-ORC and 2-PHRF together.  We will score races using both rating systems. So, If a boat has ORC and PHRF, they will be scored and ranked in 2 different divisions.  If a boat has only ORC (I don't belive this applies) or only PHRF (applies to twq

If a boat wishes to only be scored in ONE division, please let the RC know.

Any boat that is scored in both divisions is required to adhear to class rules for the divisions they are being scored in.


For trophies (overall and dailies) awards will be given in both ORC and PHRF, but one boat will not win more than 1 award, and they will receive the highest earned award. So, If a boat is 1st in ORC and 2nd in PHRF, they will recieve the 1st place award, and there will be no 2nd place award given in PHRF.


This solution allow us to have one, nice sized fleet all sailing together, It isn't a perfect solution, but with the smaller overall fleet size, and the competing rating systems, we feel that this is a fair compromize.  Additionally, it will provide some interesting data to see if the differnt rating systems make much of a difference in the overall scoring of the regatta.


If you have any questions I'm to discuss this with you Sunday afternoon/evening.


Charley Rathkopf

2023 Race Week PRO

US Sailing National Race Officer

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