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Notice of Race (21/Jul/2023 @ 21:57 - GMT-5)

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Sailing Instructions (13/Sep/2023 @ 11:47 - GMT-5)

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  Whitby 50 Compliance Certification (14/Sep/2023 @ 15:12 - GMT-5)
  Whitby 50 Inspection Sheet (01/Jun/2023 @ 21:11 - GMT-5)
  WS OSR extract for Category 3 Monohulls with SC Prescriptions (14/Sep/2023 @ 11:58 - GMT-5)
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12/Sep/2023 @ 12:50PM

Submission of Whitby 50 Inspection Sheets -

Welcome Skippers,

Thank you for registering for the Whitby 50, our long distance, overnight race from Whitby to Toronto and back.

The 2023 Whitby 50 Inspection Sheet (see attached) must be completed, signed by the Person in Charge, and submitted to me electronically by 1200 on Friday, September 15. The signed paper copy will be collected at the Competitor’s Briefing.

The Equipment Inspector may verify all or part of the Inspection Sheet at any time prior to the start or following the finish.


David MacKinnon, RRO
PRO Whitby Yacht Club

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