Restart Sailing Efforts
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Yacht Scoring - Event Organizers Zoom Meeting Mimutes:

Event Management - Idea Snipplets:

  • Keep competitors at the docks/boats and provide for a Drive-by-Golf Cart with the Bar (ala Golf Courses) instead of competitors congregating at the Club's Bar. Club can still hold an event and sell cocktails while keeping social distances generating income for the Club

  • Medical Team at BYC to manage and make recommendations to the BOG (Larchmont Y.C.)

  • Holding Skipper Meetings over Zoom the night or Morning before the event

  • Communicate often with the competitors and remind them oftern of the expectations - common sense and abide by the current State Rules / Executive Orders

  • Awards - if you can do awards at he Club, setup a "Zoom Awards Meeting"! allows everyone to get together and recognize everyone for theri efforts (mail the awards!)

  • Always, always remember RRS #4: The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.

  • Neck Gators / Buffs seems to be the prefered and most recommended facial covering while sailing. Easy, quick and simple to pull up when you need!

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